From the President

At Expanding Horizons, our philosophy is that a high quality product and excellent customer service are the most important criteria a company can provide to its clients.

We also believe that the only advantage any company has in today’s competitive marketplace is excellent service.

In recognition of this, our management team and operational staff consist of experienced travel professionals whose purpose is to ensure client satisfaction — our number one priority!

Luciano A. Lusina
President – Expanding Horizons

Reward and Recognition

Use Incentive Destination Programs to increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Studies show that companies who use travel reward programs to recognize and reward employees for meeting specific targets or goals see a direct corrolation to increased employee engagement, motivation and performance. Your employee engagement impacts your customer's loyalty...resulting in an impact on your bottom line.

Recent study results have found that while only 2-3 percent of employees are selected for an incentive trip each year, more than 50 percent of employees admit the incentive programs helped improve their performance.

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